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Fugro introduces electric ROV version of DeepWorks

26 November 2012

Tiger Structure Inspection Saab Seaeye Tiger ROV approaching jacket to perform structural inspection
Lynx Pipelay Support Saab Seaeye Lynx ROV monitoring pipelay touchdown
Seaeye Overlay Pilot uses overlay information to help navigate towards jacket members and orientate the ROV correctly for close visual inspection

Fugro has developed a new version of its DeepWorks ROV simulator for the Saab Seaeye family of electric ROVs, supporting console integration of the Seaeye Tiger, Lynx, Cougar XT and Panther XT/XT Plus models. To cater for the training needs of a mixed fleet of ROVs, Fugro Operating Companies in UK, Singapore, UAE, Brazil, and Australia will be the first to benefit as an enhanced set of training configurations is rolled out across the company.

DeepWorks now allows rapid building and evaluation of new electrical ROV configurations, helping operators find the best arrangement and mountings for cameras, sonars and tooling while ensuring the vehicle remains dynamically stable. As the range of missions electric ROVs undertake grows, DeepWorks offers a very cost effective way of building and testing multi-mission capability.

For pilot training, the most important feature is replication of the Seaeye overlay which tells the pilot where the ROV is, its depth, pitch and roll and camera tilt angle. Replicating the actual user interface means that when pilots go offshore the console feels immediately familiar and missions can be performed as practised. Other built-in features to improve pilot skills and responses include independent viewpoint control, sonar interpretation and fault simulation at any point in the mission.

“Our investment in designing DeepWorks as a versatile simulation platform capable of providing simulation of any type of ROV is now paying off,” said Dr Jason Tisdall, Fugro’s Robotic Technologies Business Line Manager. “In just a few months we have integrated DeepWorks with the Saab Seaeye surface and hand control units, and delivered an ROV pilot trainer with true electric thruster response, accurate navigation overlay and realistic training scenarios for five of the most popular models of Saab Seaeye ROV.”

Accurate electric thruster modelling gives the vehicle true behavioural responses to pilot demands. This creates the highest levels of realism when training and rehearsing key mission tasks such as docking, navigation by camera and by sonar, close inspection or tool deployment. Thrusters have initially been tuned for the Seaeye Tiger ROV, with other models to follow.

DeepWorks allows trainers to assess pilot skills by determining how long it takes them to complete tasks, how smoothly they operate the controls, and how well they respond to faults and deal with hazards. DeepWorks can also be used for assessing the overall mission difficulty and skills competency required. This allows operators to manage their pool of pilots more effectively and target training better. A further benefit of the DeepWorks electric ROV simulator is a substantially lower price point than DeepWorks for hydraulic ROVs.

Jon Robertson, Managing Director of Saab Seaeye, commented “The availability of the Fugro DeepWorks ROV simulator for Saab Seaeye ROV systems is a significant step forward in the training and retraining of pilots and provides an important tool for the planning, validation and rehearsal of operations”.

The DeepWorks electric ROV simulator offers a console integrated solution for observation, inspection and light intervention operations. Saab Seaeye ROVs can carry  many different tooling packages and the versatility of DeepWorks makes it much easier to change payloads for different types of mission.


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